SunSystems Reporting with Q&A / Vision 6

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Thanks to everyone who has provided feedback on this book.  On this page are some of the issues that have been raised so far.

Page 33 missing text - The last sentence on this page only had the first word of 'When' printed.  It should have read:

"When an external definition is used, this formula will include the full file path.  If you want to use external definitions that automatically update when the spreadsheet is recalculated you must therefore ensure that this file is in a location accessible to all users."

This will be amended in the next edition.

Data Sends in Sun 5 & 6 - There is a problem with later versions of Q&A where if you attempt to send in a large journal it can fail without any meaningful error message.  There is not a specific limit on the number of lines you can send (the issue appears to relate to running out of memory) but the latest advice from Infor is that data sends should be limited to 20,000 lines.  While this was acknowledged by Infor as a fault, there is currently no date for a fix, presumably because the work-around of splitting larger files into 20,000 line journals is considered acceptable.

If you would like to comment on any of the above, or have any further feedback about the book, this website or SunSystems / Vision Q&A generally please email me at  The book is currently on the second edition, published on the 14th of October 2012.  This page was last updated on the 27th of August 2013.

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