SunSystems Reporting with Q&A / Vision 6

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Welcome to, publishers of the book dedicated to helping you write amazing and dynamic reports for Infor SunSystems, using the powerful Query and Analysis (Q&A) / Vision 6 reporting tools.

Vision 6 XL, later rebranded as Query and Analysis (Q&A) is the reporting package of choice for most users of the Infor SunSystems accounting application.   However many users are not getting the full benefits of this powerful and flexible reporting tool. This book will take you from first principles to advanced report writing with easy to follow examples.

Learn how to use Vision Q&A XL to:
All this and much more in the 'missing manual' for Vision Q&A.  All current versions of SunSystems (4, 5 & 6) are covered - see the preview for more details about the different versions of Sun and Q&A Vision.

About the author - I am Andrew Reynolds, a senior SunSystems consultant at FinanSys, a leading reseller of Infor SunSystems. I have implemented Sun, Q&A and various other Sun-related software for many different clients both in the U.K. and internationally. After being asked for the 100th time if there was a manual for Vision, I decided to write one myself, and here it is... Please do email me at with any questions or comments and I will do my best to respond as soon as possible.

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** New ** Business Intelligence with SSRS - For users coming up against the limitations of Q&A why not consider using a tool that many SunSystems users will already have to create interactive BI reports as well as reports that are difficult, if not impossible to write using other applications.  As an example take a look at this retrospective aged debtor report.

Q&A Evolve -
its been out a while now and is the future of Q&A, but is still not very widely used.  Find out what we do know about Q&A Evolve.

Vision / Q&A Add-in not loading? - Check the following settings.

Alternatives to Vision Q&A.  While Vision Q&A is a great tool, its not the only way to extract information from the Sun database.  I've written a short primer on extracting SunSystems data into a dynamically created web page, complete with a working 'Supplier Inquiry' example.

Did you know you can use Vision Q&A to report on pretty much any database, not just SunSystems?  Find out how to create links to other databases here.